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Create a deep, compelling content that drives more value for readers and higher conversion rates for you.

Stay ahead of competition using unique content.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting stands for the art of persuading and convincing your target audience to take considerable action through words, was it written, or spoken through a video / commercial script. Copywriting aims to create relevant content that drives interaction with your audience, explains in details your offering, catches attention, increases conversion rate, and engages the audience emotionally with your brand.

Keep your customer engaged with copywriting experts

Copywriting will help your company get the reader to act. Therefore, our team will write you highly engaging content to represent your brand, and explain your offering through compelling words. At We Breathe Social, we will help you develop content in different formats, either for your website, email, videos, landing pages ...This will definitely make your potential customers take a step towards your brand.

Why copywriting is a must

Through relevant content and consistent value proposition, copywriting enables you to engage and interact with your audience easily. Copywriting is the main tool to explain a business’s purpose and what does it offer. A consistent ad copy can catch attention, drive profitability, bring a positive return on investment and build a strong brand image.

Copywriting types

SEO copywriting: In order to improve a website/blog ranking on search engines, it is mandatory to implement an SEO strategy. You can outrank your competition by improving your On-site and Off-site SEO with our experts, and drive organic traffic to your website.

Technical & informative copywriting: This type of copywriting is all about details. Our experts will help you break down your complex product/service to your audience and make it easier for them to understand. At WBS, our technical copywriters will explain your offering in details for an easier interaction with your target audience.

Marketing copywriting: Developing a deeper connection with your target audience requires a different level of content writing: that is Marketing copywriting. A well written ad copy will get your leads to take action, and interact emotionally with your brand.

Storytelling copywriting: Storytelling makes your content a must-read in an over saturated digital world. At WBS, we make sure to write your story differently, to catch more attention and get your audience to interact emotionally with your business.

What results to expect?

Generate an emotional attachment to your brand from your readers

Create a bond with your audience

Build up trust, authority and brand identity

Good copy makes you unique within your competitors

Create positive social attention

Increase your sales

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