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If you’re running a business online, a tailored solution will be much of a help. At We Breathe Social, we make sure to provide you with the most relevant e-commerce solution to your business, to have more insights and improve customers experience with your brand.

We put in our expertise to design a great user interface and user experience, with relevant copywriting for an outstanding customer experience.

Why is it important to develop an e-commerce solution?

Having a customized e-commerce solution will help you conduct a profitable business, make data-based decisions and understand your customers better. Through e-commerce platforms, you can have better insights about your target audience and platform users, and create extra interaction with them. Using e-commerce platforms features will help you increase accessibility, which results in ultimately increasing product sales and gaining more profit. It will also cultivate better customer loyalty through continuous customer service.

How do we proceed?

Determine the ultimate business goal

Having a clear vision is mandatory to develop the right solution for your business. Therefore we make sure to fully understand your business aspirations in order to work closely with you whilst developing a suitable e-commerce solution for you.

Plan and Strategize

Our team will handle all of your content, including product uploads, banners, product description, and more. A healthy store must be able to keep up with the numerous shopping festivals that occur during the year. Our strategy will also include a multichannel marketing plan, to ensure you have a convenient shop traffic and an interesting conversion rate.

Conquer Your Competition

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are vital tools for our customers to track their progress and assess the services we provide. We Breathe Social monitors regularly the efficiency of the app created so that we can adjust our strategies as needed and give you a clear vision of your return on investment.

What results to expect?

Increase conversion rates

Higher revenue

Full control over site functionality, design, and navigation

Easy access to online shops on Facebook / Instagram

Collect customer data for future retargeting

Solid brand image

Fewer sales restrictions and rules

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