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Work with an expert agency in Facebook Ads for massive results.

We will help you lock in more engagement & conversions and find the key to success with your social advertising campaigns.

Facebook Ads Experts

Our expertise in Facebook Advertising will make you cost-efficient campaigns, reach more communities and new potential customers. Our experience in digital marketing will also help you build a strategic plan for your future campaign, solidify the brand image in the mind of your target audience, and promote your services, events, and special deals for a higher return on investment. A well-managed business page will reflect a trustful company.

Why use Facebook ads?

Your presence on the Facebook network will help you expand your brand exposure, generate online opportunities, develop a sales funnel that works for you, and target potential customers by the segmentation techniques. As digital marketers, we use Facebook advertising to promote products and services regularly. Having a bulletproof campaign with Facebook ads can result in the best ROI across any form of advertising today.

Types of Facebook advertising?

We Breathe Social - Facebook

Connect high-quality imagery to your Facebook page.

We Breathe Social - Facebook

Video Ads, Use dynamic content to solidify your engagement.

We Breathe Social - Facebook

Collection Ads, Use multiple images of a product to highlight your product.

We Breathe Social - Facebook

Carousel Ads, Showcase a bunch of your products in the same space for the same price.

We Breathe Social - Facebook

Slideshow Ads, Leverage the same great qualities of video ads for a fraction of the costs.

We Breathe Social - Facebook

Instant Experience, Make your ad more interactive, full-screen display customized with anything from buttons and videos to fillable forms.

We Breathe Social - Facebook

Poll Ads, Share a question with answer choices, creating an engaging environment that allows users to share their thoughts and preferences.

We Breathe Social - Facebook

Dynamic Ads, Adapt content and promotions to each customer, ensuring that they are exposed to the most appropriate and creative that fits their interest.

We Breathe Social - Facebook

Messenger Ads, Allow users who see your advertising to start a conversation with your company with a single click.

We Breathe Social - Facebook

Stories Ads, Create a direct, full-screen interaction story between your audience's stories.

What results to expect?

At We Breathe Social, we blend media buying with brand building to deliver long term growth for our clients

Through Facebook advertising, we can:

1. Increase awareness of your brand by reaching out to your target audience, and staying top of mind of your current customers.

2. Expand your audience and optimize the engagement rate by creating high quality content.

3. Collect potential customers information for a potential follow up.

4. Increase your conversion rate & revenue.

5. Promote your products and catalog.

6. Increase your store traffic.

We will deliver whatever your business needs to achieve massive results.

How do we use targeting?

Location: Sort your targeted audience based on their country, city, or region.

Lookalike audience: Find people who have a similar profile as your existing customers.

Automated targeting: Use the Facebook automated tool that targets the audience based on a range of criteria automatically.

Demographics: Use gender, age, or any other personal characteristics to target your audience.

Interests: Find people who have similar customer profiles based on the accounts they follow and the ads they react to.

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