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Work with our certified professionals in Google Search Ads for massive results.

We will help you lock in more engagement & conversions and find the key to success with your advertising campaigns.

What are Google Search Ads?

Google Search ads enable your business to appear among the first results on a search engine page, when your ideal customer searches for products and services similar to yours. In this way, you can attract your target audience when they see your ad. Google Search Ads is a paid advertising platform in which the advertiser pays for each click of an ad.

Google Search Ads is an effective way to attract your business when searching for qualified traffic or qualified customers searching for the products and services you provide. With Google Search Ads, you can increase website traffic, receive more calls, and increase visits to your store and more. This tool enables you to create and share ads in a timely manner to your target audience.

Google search ads experts

After fully understanding your ambitions and aspirations, our team will coordinate to analyze the market, strategize and plan campaigns within your budget. We will monitor regularly the efficiency of our strategy, so that we can adjust it as needed and give you a clear vision of your ROI. At We Breathe Social, we examine the outcome of the campaigns implemented, analyze it to adjust accordingly for better results.

How can Google search ads help your business?

Google search ads will help you step ahead of competition and reach out to customers first.

Ranking first in a search engine results page (SERP) will help you strengthen your brand image, enlarge exposure, raise brand awareness and even increase direct sales.

Reach goals: Search campaigns can help you get more sales, leads, or website traffic.

Highly relevant targeting: Target people actively searching for your specific products and services.

A sharp competitive intelligence tool: Ongoing audits to analyze your competitors' performance on the market.

Easy setup: Ads are easy to create and don't require special assets.

What results to expect?

Rapid results (as soon as your ads are published).

Brand awareness improvement.

Increase your profit.

Massive reach

Harness intent

Earn more conversions

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