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Work with an expert agency in Facebook Ads for massive results.

We will help you lock in more engagement & conversions and find the key to success with your social advertising campaigns.

Instagram Ads Experts

Our social media expertise brings together data, content, and design to create engaging social experiences that build customer trust and loyalty. Instagram ads are a key tool to social media marketing. With an enormous potential audience and access to parent company Facebook extensive targeting options and tools, Instagram advertising is an effective strategy to enlarge your online exposure.

Build your community

Running Instagram ads will give you specific details about your targeted audience, brand awareness and share of voice. A good campaign will help you strengthen your brand image, enlarge exposure, raise brand awareness and even increase direct sales.

Types of Instagram advertising?

We Breathe Social - Instagram Ads

Story ads are placed between your audience’s stories for a direct, full screen engagement.

We Breathe Social - Instagram Ads

Photos, A square or landscape photo placed in the main feed

We Breathe Social - Instagram Ads

Videos, For a better engagement, you can use videos up to 60 sec length placed in the main feed.

We Breathe Social - Instagram Ads

Carousels, Multiple photos and videos to slide through in one single ad

We Breathe Social - Instagram Ads

Collections, Multiple product pictures to attract more potential customers

We Breathe Social - Instagram Ads

Explore, Placed in the Explore tab, this ad can be in a photo, video or carousels format.

What results to expect?

At We Breathe Social, we blend media buying with brand building to deliver long term growth for our clients

Through Instagram advertising, we can:

1. Increase sign-ups

2. Increase brand awareness & engagement

3. Increase engagement with audience

4. Drive traffic to your website

5. Generate new leads

6. Grow revenue by increasing sign ups or sales

7. Build a community around your business

We will deliver whatever your business needs to achieve massive results.

How do we use targeting?

Location: Choose your targeted audience based on their country, city, or region.

Lookalike audience: Reach out to people who are similar to your existing customers.

Automated targeting: Instagram automatically targets the audience based on a range of criteria.

Demographics: Target your audience based on their gender, age, language or any other personal characteristics.

Interests: Discover individuals with a similar customer profile based on accounts followed and advertisements they react to.

Behavior: Constrain your target to individuals based on their preferences and behavior.

Custom audience: Find your target audience among people available on Instagram

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