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We will help you lock in more engagement & conversions and find the key to success with your social advertising campaigns.

LinkedIn Ads Experts

With access to a tremendous audience of decision makers world’s professionals, LinkedIn is the ideal platform that connects you with your industry experts and future business partners.At We Breathe Social, we offer you a comprehensive advertising strategy to help your business scale quantitatively. Through our LinkedIn advertising campaigns, we will help you reach out to any specific type of audience and get them to action.

Why use LinkedIn ads?

Using LinkedIn as a professional platform to reach out to potential business partners and future clients is a plus for your company. It is beneficial for your brand image, especially if you have a B2B business. LinkedIn advertising will help you generate high-quality leads through its unique targeting features, combined with rich retargeting options, engaging ad formats and lead generation forms.Reinforce your brand’s status as a thought leader and tap into powerful professional networks with a solid LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Types of LinkedIn advertising?

We Breathe Social - Linkedin Ads

Sponsored Content, or Single image ad, appears on the feed of the user as a regular post, blending perfectly with the environment. It is a very efficient and non-intrusive format.

We Breathe Social - Linkedin Ads

Carousel image ads are great for catching the attention of the users with something different and out of the box. They “break” the monotony of the feed.

We Breathe Social - Linkedin Ads

Video ads are perfect for increasing brand awareness and attracting the attention of your audience for a couple of minutes.

We Breathe Social - Linkedin Ads

Text ads are a simpler and shy format that appears at the top of the feed, or the right side of it. They offer a smaller “real estate space” than other formats.

We Breathe Social - Linkedin Ads

Spotlight ads are a part of the so-called LinkedIn Dynamic ads, which include Spotlight, Follower, and Content ads. They are quite unique to LinkedIn.

We Breathe Social - Linkedin Ads

Message ads, previously known as Sponsored InMail, deliver messages right into the users’ inbox.

We Breathe Social - Linkedin Ads

Conversation ads – conversation ads are a new format that LinkedIn has been developing, but it’s still in beta. It allows you to have a conversation with your audience.

What results to expect?

At We Breathe Social, we blend media buying with brand building to deliver long term growth for our clients

Through our expertise in media buying, we help you build everlasting brands. Advertising on LinkedIn will allow you to:

1. Target your audience accurately, and generate qualified leads

2. Build brand awareness

3. Get to know your target audience better

4. Increase website traffic

5. Increase discover-ability in the marketplace

6. Reach out to potential business partners

We will deliver whatever your business needs to achieve massive results.

How do we use targeting?

Location: Reach members based on where they live or visit

Company: Reach out to members of a company according to its connections, industry, size, name, followers, growth rate or category.

Demographics: Target members according to their age or gender.

Education: Reach out to your audience according to their field of studies, school or college, and degree.

Job experience: Target members according to their job title, years of experience, skillset and their function.

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