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Work with an expert agency in TikTok Ads for massive results.

We will help you lock in more engagement & conversions and find the key to success with your social advertising campaigns.

TikTok Ads Experts

As a fast growing platform, Tik Tok has become brands favorite destination to enlarge their target audience. With years of experience in advertising and media buying, our agency will help you develop impactful strategies with everlasting content.

Why use TikTok ads?

As one of the largest social media platforms, TikTok has blossomed into a very fertile advertising ground. TikTok is extremely exciting for brands, regardless of their industry, because it can be approached in different ways. Creating content on Tik Tok helps engage your audience and encourages them to interact with your brand.

Types of TikTok advertising?

We Breathe Social - TikTok Ads

Brand Takeover ads can appear in the form of still images, GIFs, or videos, all linkable to the brand’s landing page or a hashtag challenge within the app. Brand Takeovers are exclusive to their categories, so only one brand can appear per day in that slot.

We Breathe Social - TikTok Ads

Native videos ads appear sandwiched between users' videos in the TikTok feed and can be scrolled past or skipped. These advertisements support multiple call-to-actions like clicks and app downloads.

We Breathe Social - TikTok Ads

Hashtag challenges: TikTok almost completely thrives on challenges, where users create and recreate trends through music, acting, and tricks. With a Hashtag Challenge advertisement, your brand can create a unique banner on the TikTok Discover page to drive users to a particular challenge that your team creates.

We Breathe Social - TikTok Ads

Branded lenses: TikTok’s Branded Lenses advertising option allows advertisers to design a filter promoting their brand or product. These lenses can go live for up to 10 days at a time, and encourage the user to create content with your brand at the forefront.

What results to expect?

At We Breathe Social, we blend media buying with brand building to deliver long term growth for our clients

We help you grow exceptionally through creative media buying strategies. Tik Tok advertising will:

1. Increase brand awareness

2. Reach more people

3. Get you a step ahead of competition

4. Increase visibility and conversions

5. Achieve rapid growth

6. Give your brand a massive headstart

We will deliver whatever your business needs to achieve massive results.

How do we use targeting?

Interest based: Reaching out to a group of people with one specific interest in common, and the type of content they consume.

Demographics: Target members according to their age or gender.

Custom: Target lookalike audience using one of the following means:

Custom file: uploading a file with customers data such as their name, email address.

App activity: if you have an application, you can connect it to Tik Tok and target all the people who already signed up.

Engagement: target people who already engaged with your content

Website traffic: target people who already visited your website

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