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What is UI/UX Design?

Have you ever wondered how certain brands grew to be such behemoths? What is the secret ingredient that allowed them to succeed that so many others lack?

Through a sharp vision, user experience analysis, you will be able to observe your users actions and produce goods and services that match their interests. Therefore, UI and UX design are the ultimate science to create the most relevant experience for customers.

UI/UX design stand for User Interface and User Experience design. User Interface design helps design the aesthetic experience of a product, by designing visual touchpoints that allow the user to interact with the product. UI creates a combination of color palettes, typography, animation, buttons and imagery to aesthetically please the user. Whereas the User Experience design stands for the full experience from first contact with the product/service to the last. UX creates solutions to all negative aspects the user encounters along his journey with the product for an extreme effectiveness.

UI/UX design experts

Through great designs and enchanting experience creation, we aim to develop the ultimate user experience. At We Breathe Social, we put in place a strategy to clearly understand what is the user looking for, what’s relevant to him and what can make the difference. We create user personas and prototypes to measure the effectiveness of our designs, including written texts, interface design, user experience and visual communication. We deliver high quality designs that matches your audience’s expectations and aspirations to help you stay ahead of competition.

How can UI/UX help your business?

UI/UX design is crucial since it has a huge impact on the business’s overall performance. A great UI/UX design will increase your customers' satisfaction, increase their interaction with your interface, and build a strong brand reputation for your business. Also, a strategic user experience can increase your conversion rate insanely, and help you get more traffic. An intuitive design power is unlimited, therefore it is highly recommended adopting relevant designs for a better outcome.

What results to expect?

1. UX/UI is cost-effective, since it isn't always necessary to spend a lot of money on research. It can be budgeted if it is well-planned and has specific objectives.

2. Understand your users better

3. Plan ahead of time and save money and time, to build effective products for customers.

4. Increase your return on investment.

5. Increase the users satisfaction

6. Increase conversion rate

7. Get more traffic

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