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We Breathe Social is your high-performance digital agency, we help you
engage more digitally with your audience to transact more business.

With a huge ambition to help you scale your business, our team is more
than delighted to collaborate and work closely with you to deliver
satisfying results.

Through advertising on different platforms, tracking tools setup, and developing
outstanding websites, we aim to leverage your digital exposure, strenghten
your brand and meet your ultimate business goals.


Lead generation is a particularly important process that allows you to
reach your target audience and convert them into new customers. This
process aims to build reputation, trust and interest around your brand and
your products amongst the type of customers you desire.
The better your lead generation strategy is, the better your growth and
revenue will be.
Our team of lead generation specialists will put their knowledge and
expertise at your disposal to help you provide your sales team with high
quality leads. We will create performing landing pages to improve your
conversion rates and drive your business.

A highly optimized landing page is one effective way to convert visitors. It is crucial to confirm that the landing page is equipped with all the necessary tools to perform the best results.
Our CRO experts will make the necessary effort to understand visitors, users, and customers, and adapt your landing page in a manner that gives them what they are looking for.
Conversion tracking tracks the users’ interactions with the business’s website, and to evaluate if a visitor has converted into a customer or not. It also is the perfect medium to decide which platforms are best for reaching and engaging with customers.
We use different tracking platforms to gather all the information needed in terms of the visitors’ important actions, to perform the adequate operations in order to achieve the highest rate of conversions.
Google Ads is a Pay Per Click (PPC) platform that allows businesses to advertise their brand on the web. Through google Ads, your ad is displayed to customers who search for relevant terms on Google Search and Maps. This digital marketing tool is a great way for any business to get meaningful responses in front of their target audiences.
As the campaign is running, we are provided with measurable results, that we analyze to track the performance of these ads.
If you are looking for a simpler, cost-effective way to reach the most appropriate audience, then Facebook and Instagram are two platforms that can help you upgrade your advertising efficiently.
Our experience revealed a high competency in terms of creating and running Meta Ads, by approval of all our clients.
Take your advertising to the next level by entrusting your social accounts to the experts of Meta ads.
Linkedin Advertising could be the most optimal way to target professionals. Firms in B-to-B, recruiters, job seekers and personal brands are considered the number one audience in this platform.
Our team manages sponsored content, sponsored messaging, Lead generation forms and text and dynamics ads, accordingly to your needs and objectives. We have all the necessary tools to guarantee reaching your audience in an efficient way.

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